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An ethical code is a body of rules governing the rights, obligations and operating methods of a profession and those who exercise it and the relationships between practitioners and their clients or the public in view of respect for moral conduct.

The ethical code of Artemis Executive Coaching & Consulting is that of the ICF (International Coach Federation).

It includes a focus on the obligations of the coach and the client, summarised here.

Obligations of the coach

All interventions must be covered by a written agreement signed in advance by the coach and the client. This convention is an integral part of the agreement and is included in the support contract.

The coach consciously engages in the practice of coaching based on their training, experience and initial supervision.

All coaching interventions are conducted responsibly and ethically with respect for personal ecology.

The coach undertakes to respect the dignity, responsibility, integrity and autonomy of the coachee and to refrain from any abuse of influence or religious proselytising.

The coach takes all appropriate steps within the framework of the client's request to enable the client's professional and personal development, though the client remains solely responsible for their own decisions.

The coach is obliged to respect professional confidentiality with regard to all information about the coachee and undertakes not to reveal any information about their interviews with the coachee.

The coach undertakes to create an appropriate working environment and conditions for the client, to provide effective professional assistance and to avoid causing them any harm, either deliberately or through negligence.

The coach undertakes to interrupt the coaching process and delegate responsibility for follow-up to another professional or a qualified therapist if they realise they have reached the limit of their abilities or consider that the coachee's integrity is at risk.

The coach undertakes to seek supervision and keep their skills and personal development up to date during the exercise of their profession.

The coach declares that they have worked in depth on their own issues.

The coach undertakes to promote the cause of coaching through active participation in research activities.

The coach undertakes not to harm the image of coaching in any way.

The coach undertakes to maintain relationships of professional fellowship with colleagues.

Obligations of the client :

The client undertakes to respect the coach in the exercise of their profession and in their interventions and acknowledges their right to choose the most appropriate methods and tools for each coaching process.

The client undertakes to comply with the contract they have approved.