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In a perpetually evolving world and a context of crisis and uncertainty, organisations are confronted with a multitude of increasingly complex and important challenges. Simple economic and performance criteria are no longer enough – to survive, they must now be agile and always ready to learn. Coaching an organisation involves helping it to find the internal resources and solutions to the organisational problems it has to face.

The purpose of this support is to increase the organisation's autonomy, responsibility and knowledge of itself. Organisation coaching requires a highly specialised architecture and coordination.

Led by a team of experienced coaches and consultants, the process involves intervening at different levels of the organisation and supporting a strategic evolution, a managerial transition, a cultural transformation and an organisational change.

Organisation coaching: for whom ?

The organisation is a complex system coordinated through organised subgroups (teams), themselves consisting of individual elements (people), working to achieve a collective goal. Some people use the term meta-team. It can constitute a company as a whole, a public authority, a trade union, a political party or an association. Organisation coaching targets executives who want to support their entire organisation in their collective transformation projects.

It often involves mobilising energies, overcoming resistance to change, uniting, empowering or creating a new dynamic. Merger and acquisition projects, changes in culture, competition or share ownership and activity diversification or refocusing plans are all examples of critical situations for organisations in which coaching proves vital.

Organisation coaching: for whom ?

  Supporting organisational transformations

  Building together to support an ambition or a transition

  Identifying parallel processes and resistance to change

  Successfully implementing a strategic action

  Developing the organisation's resilience and capacity to adapt

Practical methods

Since organisations tend to self-regulate, the task of the coach is to reveal the system to itself, helping it to see itself as it is and discover its strengths, weaknesses, obstacles and potential so that it can not only identify and implement its own responses but also continually generate options for change.

We rely on a global, systemic coaching approach and liaise with your steering committee to prepare and specify jointly the specific support architecture based on an analysis of the needs expressed by the organisation.
NWe provide a global service aiming to understand the whole collective in all its complexity and diversity, with the determined goal of making all the systems within the organisation into committed players serving the required evolution, transition or transformation.
After analysing the requirements in consultation with the steering committee, a contract is drafted for the service (objectives/performance indicators/methods), which may include :

  Coaching the CEO (strategic thinking)

  Coaching the executive committee (decision-making processes)

  Coaching managers (implementing operational change)

  Coaching teams (maturity)

At the end of the service, a final evaluation of the support is carried out with the CEO and the executive committee to assess the results (both qualitative and quantitative) in relation to the objectives.